Curt Schilling

With the world series over, I figured I’d begin my blog by blogging about an avid blogger, Curt Schilling. Schilling may be the best big game pitcher to ever throw, and is definitely the best of the last couple of decades. You don’t go 11-2 in your playoff career on the back of a luck streak. I’m no homer either, I’ve always loved Curt Schilling because he is a true gamer. He’s always played the game the right way and has always been a sportsman while doing it. He always gives credit when it is deserved and remains humble while not being afraid to admit he might have thrown a great game. I was shattered at the beginning of the year when he came so close to that no-hitter. I wanted it for him so badly, if any pitcher deserves it, surely it’s Schilling. What I admire most about him, is as all of the criticism of his stuff has been handed down, never once has he acknowledged it. Do you think Schilling doesn’t know he can’t throw 95-96 anymore? But what makes him successful is HOW he throws and the intelligence he brings to the mound. Him and Maddux are two pitchers worthy of praise for this, and certainly not the only two.

He has probably seen his last start in a Red Sox uniform, but I don’t doubt he’ll be somewhere else next year. I really hope that he is, I’d love to see him pitch 20 more games. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that he adds Pittsburgh to his list of teams he’d be willing to go to. Boy could he teach our young starters a thing or two, it would be amazing. I won’t hold my breath though. Until he does or doesn’t hammer out a deal with a new team I will be following his free agent progress closely.

Check out Curt’s blog here:


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