American Gangster

I just went and saw American Gangster with Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington. Again, in case you don’t know what I’m talking about…

Heres the movie:

And here’s the trailer…

This movie received a lot of hype. The New York Times loved it, as did many other critics. It was tossed around Hollywood for a while because apparently no one wanted to be the one to touch on its subject matter. I found this a little interesting after seeing the movie. It really wasn’t any more racy than say, a Martin Scorsese picture, but what do I know? Both Denzel and Russell Crowe churned out great performances. I’m not a huge Denzel Washington fan, I really still think he has like one expression, but he does use that expression to its fullest in this movie.

The movie follows detective and aspiring lawyer Richie Roberts (Crowe) as he attempts to nail the notorious black gangster, Frank Lucas (Washington) for importing huge amounts of cocaine direct from south-east Asia. Lucas uses the coffins of American soldiers being sent back from Vietnam to hide his drugs. Lucas’ web of affiliates is similar to the Italian run mafia. Based on a true story, it is definietly an in your face kind of movie. It is about 2 hrs and 30 min. long but it moves fairly quickly. All of the slower parts tend to be very necessary and equally gripping. Yet, somehow, it felt like the beginning of the movie and the end were so far apart, director Ridley Scott (Alien, Black Hawk Down) did a great job of making the two seem worlds apart in a short span of time. All in all, violent, gripping, exciting (basically the same thing) etc etc. Wouldn’t bring young ones, and prepare to see some blunt violence.



One thought on “American Gangster

  1. Dont forget to add something about Lars and the Real Girl because it was amazing. PS now i want to see this movie. thanks a lot. =)

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