Shits-burgh Pennsylvannia…

The Pittsburgh Pirates are expected to name their new manager and successor to the awful Jim Tracy on Monday. Who is this mystery man? After a month of search, new Pirates GM Neal Hunnington is expected to name former Pirate third base coach and current manager of a triple-a affiliate, John Russell.

I was very excited when Neal Hunnington was named GM, for the first time since Jason Bay won rookie of the year a few years ago, and that’s saying something. But he has already made bad decisions, he didn’t even need time to ‘break in.’ First he claims Kevin Thompson, a 28 year old, shoulda been good 8 years ago but never amounted to anything player off waivers. Next he claims Phil Dumatrait, a relief pitcher, off waivers, and not only is he bad, but he refused assignment. Yes, a bad pitcher refused the Pirates, what is this world coming to? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Then this, John Russell, a man who coached a triple-a team to a 55-88 is hired on as Pirates new manager…great, just want I wanted.

Hunnington is already showing that he’s better than former GM Dave Littlefield by a .5 margin on a scale of a thousand. Let’s just prep ourselves for another losing season, hell its been 15 years, why not 16. I suppose I was just holding out hope that someone in that organization would understand that you need to spend money to make money.


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