Lars And The Real Girl



This movie was amazing, that is the only way to start. Ryan Gosling (Half Nelson), Emily Mortimer (Match Point) and Paul Schneider (The Assassination of Jesse James) star in this extremely off-beat dramatic comedy about a lonely man searching for and finding a companion in the strangest place.  When Lars (Gosling) informs his brother Gus (Schneider), and his sister in law Karin (Mortimer),  that he has met a woman, online none the less, they are ecstatically surprised that their shut-in introverted brother has found a date. Lars warns them from the beginning that she is different. She is paraplegic, and she doesn’t talk much and when she does its hard to understand because shes brazilian, but she has a longing to help everyone around her. But nothing could have prepared Gus and Karin for their initial meeting with Bianca. Bianca is an anatomically correct, life size doll, who’s true purpose is person on doll sex.  Lars treats her as if she were his true love, he feeds her, talks to her and she talks back. He puts her to bed, and bathes her. And he heartbreakingly pushes her around in her wheelchair. He takes her to the lake and tells her his secrets. Slowly Bianca begins to have an affect on everyone in Lars’ small little down.

This movie had a strong emotional impact on me. I must admit there were several times during the film that I shed a few tears, and as the final credits began to roll I was full on crying. Me being a baby aside, this movie was so sad, hopeful, beautiful, and well done that I would have been crazy not to cry. This film is anchored in a superb performance by Ryan Gosling. He is one of the most prolific young actors, and his script choice is amazing. If you haven’t seen Half Nelson, do. Gosling, who plays a crack addicted middle school teacher in the film, was nominated for the academy award for actor in a leading role.

To reiterate my point, see this movie. period.



2 thoughts on “Lars And The Real Girl

  1. Just saw this film (better late than never), and bawled intermittently throughout and for several minutes after. Wonderful performances and a nuanced, layered screenplay. Multiple subjects for discussion…when the film stays with you days and weeks later, you know it’s good.

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