Barry Bonds

I dedicate this post to my mother, and actually to myself, why? Because we’ve known what a selfish and arrogant man Barry Bonds was; since 1992.

Heres one of the million articles including the details of his indictment, I’m not going to cover much here, just give a selfish man the verbal herranging he deserves.

Heres the facts:

And here’s what I have to say:

Barry Bonds, Barry Bonds, what can anyone say about you anymore that hasn’t already been said. Cheater? Liar? Heard it all before, all that matters this time is that there will be a signed document proving beyond any doubt that you are both.I can not wait for the moment when you are forced to look into a media camera and admit what a phony you really are. Destroying baseball, almost single handily. And that’s a generous statement, because I can see it now, Bonds guilty in a court of law but maintaining his innocence till the day he dies.

Whats that? You don’t care about Cooperstown anymore? You don’t want your garbage in the Hall of Fame? Well guess what? Now you don’t have to worry, because it’s sure as hell not getting there.

Let this be a lesson to anyone out there, that if you treat people poorly, including the media, your entire life, eventually its going to come back to you, in a bad way, karma.
Oh, but Barry is getting undeserved attention, hes the victim, hes the scapegoat. Sure, sure he is, and lets think about why that might have happened? Because no where along the way to his stardom did he not step on anyone smaller than him. Tons of other players used/are using steroids. Correct, they are. It seems ridiculous to think that Bud Selig will strike out Bonds’ record or anything of that nature, after all so many players have cheated, what punishment do you hand down to them? This is what pisses me off about Bonds’ supporters: they act like he is being treated differently than all the other players in the MLB in regards to steroids.

HE IS. Why might that be? Because Bonds’ broke the most sacred and coveted record in baseball, the all time home run record, and he stole it from one of the greatest and most well rounded players in the games history. Giambi took roids, but what happened to him? He broke down and is now worthless. What punishment do you deal him? Hes already ashamed and utter garbage now. He can no longer actually play baseball, hit and he’s costing the Yankees tons of money each year. Bonds has something to lose, and he deserves to lose it. He gambled using roids, and more importantly he cheated and lied to everyone, all the while trying to make us all feel bad for leaving him out in the cold so many times. “Nobody likes me, I feel so alone, even in the clubhouse.” That’s because you’re selfish and a jerk. Mean people tend not to have friends, and you’re a mean cheater, 0-2. Your strike out will come after your trial.

I know, innocent til proven guilty. But let me say this, the Fed doesn’t waste its time on cases it doesn’t think it will seal in a heartbeat. The fed has no reason to lie and say it has documents proving Bonds tested positive, if they didn’t in fact have those documents. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t bother. Plus, you’re going to look at 1992 Barry Bonds, the slender, quick basestealer, and 2003 Bonds, with his swelled head (a telltale sign of steroid use), and his ridiculously huge physique.  It turns out Barry actually didn’t play baseball for those 11 years, he was just lifting weights, 24/7, 365. Oh and taking skull enlarging pills. Bonds will go to jail for very little time, and pay a fine. Big deal. I don’t care. I just want his baseball record(s) taken from him. If you think its not possible, you’re wrong.

He’s what I propose: Documents showing Bonds testing positive for anabolic steroids are in the possession of the fed. As Bud Selig, you take whatever date that document reads and strip him of all home runs hit after that date. Then you test him again, and if he tests negative, let him come back to the league and try to break that record again in his present, broken down because of roids, condition. That is, if any team wants to taint there reputation with him.

Goodbye Barry Bonds, may you get all that you deserve.


If you didn’t like my mean and spiteful review of bonds, tough. And heres an AMAZING article written by Jay Mariotti, sports columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times:,martiotti111507a.article

If you’re interested, its a must read.


One thought on “Barry Bonds

  1. I totally agree with your analysis of the Bonds situation. He took the steroids because he was selfish and wanted the record and the glory. Throughout his career he has alienated every single person he every came into contact with; teammates, the media and management. But his punishments depend solely on him being convicted.

    If he is convicted, I believe baseball will wipe his entire career from the record books, and rightfully so. If he isn’t convicted, baseball should do nothing to his records.

    Bonds cannot win. His record will not stand forever, and has a high possibility of being broken in our lifetime. The story that has been attached to his records, and the story continues to grow, is enough to forever taint his “accomplishments”.

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