No Country For Old Men



If you haven’t seen that trailer, watch it. How can you not want to see this movie after watching that trailer?

Yes, right now, just go, stop reading and go see it, now. This will be here when you get back, barring some ridiculous extenuating circumstances.

If my word isn’t good enough, how bout these people:

141 good reviews/ 7 bad. Man wouldn’t you feel like a douche if you were one of those 7…

No Country For Old Men is the newest film from the Coen Brothers. I’ve seen many, not all, but many Coen brothers films, and all of them have been great. They are the masterminds behind, The Big Lebowski, Fargo, O Brother Where Art Thou, and Raising Arizona (to name a few). No Country For Old Men is a brutal film that shows you what can happen if you take something that isn’t yours. The story begins with our protagonist, Llewelyn Moss, stumbling upon a slew of dead people (and one dog), copious amounts of heroin, and 2 million dollars cash. Naturally he takes the money and runs. Little does Llewelyn know he has just made the biggest mistake of his life. Suspecting he might be in for more than he can handle Llewelyn sends his girlfriend to her mothers and books town. Enter Anton Chigurh, a hitman–a VERY good one. Let the games begin. The slow speed chase that ensues provides us with one of the most gripping, bloody and surprising films in a long while.

This is hands down the best movie of 2007. (thus far)

This movie is not for the squeamish, that is for damn sure. It’s basically non-stop violence, without actually being non-stop violence, confusing I know but you’ll see what I mean.

The acting in this film is amazing. Javier Bardem takes on the role of Anton Chigurh (pronounced shug-ah) and creates one of the most memorable villains in recent memory. Chigurh is unbelievably believable and will have you looking over your shoulder all the way back to your car and turning your lights on before you enter a room (not that that would help you). If nothing else this movie is worth seeing simply for the crazed killer that Anton Chigurh is. Josh Brolin plays Llewelyn Moss, and does a great job. He hasn’t really been in too much but recently he appeared in American Gangster (as a crooked cop) and in Grindhouse. Tommy Lee Jones plays the sheriff and is arguably one of the most subtlety important characters. Woody Harrelson has a cameo, but his few lines are pretty great.

All this being said, I have a hard time believing that the Coen brothers will not be up for an adapted screenplay Oscar as well as a directing Oscar. Bardem has made a strong case for actor or supporting actor depending on how the academy gages his prominence in the film.

See this movie! I will say it again:

This is hands down the best movie of 2007.

(I’m seeing it again tomorrow).



One thought on “No Country For Old Men

  1. Looking forward to seeing the Coen Brothers back on track after a few misfires of late. NO COUNTRY is easily the most commercial of Cormac McCarthy’s novels and it’s very cinematic as well. The Bros. should do a great job with it and it would be lovely if they returned to form and gave us a movie as fine as “Blood Simple” or “Miller’s Crossing”…

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