Sean Taylor

This is a pretty random post for me, but I really just hate this kind of junk.Sean Taylor was the 24 year old, pro-bowl safety for the Washington Redskins. Monday night someone broke into his house in Miami while he slept with his girlfriend of seven years and his 18 month old baby girl and shot him, fatally wounding him. Taylor apparently got up when he heard a noise in the other room, and attempted to lock his bedroom door as it was kicked in by the intruder. 2 shots were fired, one into the far wall, and one into Sean Taylor’s leg. The bullet ruptured Taylor’s femoral artery and he had lost a massive amount of blood by the time the ambulance arrived. He lost consciousness shortly after being shot, and never regained it. Last night he answered a nurses request to squeeze her hand and there was hope. Doctors expressed worry for Taylor because usually brain damage is an after affect of loosing that much blood. We’ll never know, Taylor died this morning.


Here are just a few of a million articles discussing the issue if you desire more:


I did not know Sean Taylor, obviously, and I am not a Redskins fan, but this is obviously a much greater issue. I don’t really have much else to say on this topic and I have no idea while I felt this post necessary. Maybe because it is a very tragic thing when a 24 year old is cut down in a senseless act of violence. Maybe it’s because he was killed by a gunshot to the LEG. Getting shot in the leg isn’t supposed to kill you. If you’re shot, you want it to be in the leg, maybe not anymore. I don’t know. Regardless, Sean Taylor’s daughter will now have to grow up without a father and that’s just terrible.Sorry for the depressing post.Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. But the gun sure helps.

R.I.P. Sean Taylor [1983-2007]


One thought on “Sean Taylor

  1. what i terribly depressing post.. you told me about that but in writing it sounds all the more tragic. something happy next time? thanks love.

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