Rogue Wave – Asleep At Heaven’s Gate

Somehow, when posting my favorite albums of the year, I managed to forget one of my favorite. This seems contradictory, if it was so good, wouldn’t I remember it? Apparently not. Regardless, this album is not to be forgotten.

Rogue Wave is an ‘indie’ rock band from California. Asleep At Heaven’s Gate is their 3rd album. I discovered Rogue Wave in the lamest/weirdest way: I was watching the comedy movie, Just Friends with Ryan Reynolds and Anna Farris (its not too bad) and their was a song in the movie that sounded really good. It was a Rogue Wave song called Eyes. I found the song on their Myspace, listened, loved, etc etc etc and now we’re all married. I checked out their 2nd album, Descended Like Vultures. It had some songs I liked, and some songs that were simply throw aways. Naturally I just placed the album on the back burner, listening to it a little bit hear and there. When Asleep At Heavan’s Gate was released I kind of put off listening to it because I wasn’t a HUGE fan of their previous stuff.


Asleep At Heaven’s Gate is a much stronger album. The first 6 songs are 6 or the 6 catchiest songs of all time. You may not ever hear the back of the album because the first half is so amazing. I will admit the album is a bit top heavy, but I would argue that the first 6 songs are so amazing that their is no way the back could have been as strong as the front.  The back end of the album is good in my mind.  Not as strong as the beginning, but it’s got some tough songs to follow.

After listening to this album I went back and listened to Descended Like Vultures and I liked it a lot better. I would recommend both albums with special emphasis on Asleep At Heaven’s Gate. 

Checkekckkeck it out.


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