I Am Legend

Wow, more than a month. I was slacking. Holidays got the best of me I suppose. In my return to Oregon I have found that I actually have a life, and therefore I am not as up to date on my blogging. I’ve seen only a couple movies since my last post and No Country For Old Men about 3 more times. This should be the first of four or five posts in a row, we’ll see how motivated I actually am.

I Am Legend, I feel, was such a popular movie that you’ve either A) already seen it or B) have sworn yourself against it. I’m not going to post a link or the trailer because I’m sure you have seen one or the other/both.

Will Smith, boo.

 I Am Legend is another step in the right direction for Will. Pursuit Of Happyness was decent, he did a good job and this movie is similar. This film appears to be your classic zombie film on the exterior, but it is actually much more. This came as a pleasant surprise to me. Will Smith plays the last man standing in New York City after a cancer vaccine mutates into an unstoppable viral plague. This is a pretty interesting concept in itself. The city is quarantined and most of the people are rushed out before the island’s bridges are blown up. All of the infected are left behind, oh and Will. He plays military scientist, Robert Neville.

Here is where my favorite part of the movie comes into play, no really, no sarcasm.

This movie/story plays the percentages. We soon discover that not ALL of the world turns into what Neville calls, Dark Seekers. We also find out that not only Neville is a immune. When the virus began to spread it killed off Xx of the worlds population immediately, Xx of the population was immune though many of these people have since been killed by the violent dark seekers and then a certain percentage contracted the virus but did not die but instead turned into the dark seekers. This helps ground this sci-fi story in reality. All of the ideas in this film are not as far fetched as they may originally seem.

We follow Neville as he struggles to find a cure for the virus and reverse its effects and basically save humanity, how dramatic.

If you’re looking for some mindless action flick, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for something that is smart, but entertaining I would recommend this movie. Smith does a good job when the entire story is centered solely on him. He has little interaction with humans but his actions are still believable. If nothing else this film’s cinematography is top notch. I wouldn’t be surprised if it got an Oscar nod.



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