Juno (not like the city in Alaska)

IMDB: http://imdb.com/title/tt0467406/

Trailer: I’d advise against watching it, it ruins a lot of the funny parts, thus–I’m not gonna post it.

This is the review all three of my readers have been waiting for I’m sure. You’ve all seen the trailer, know the film, blah blah blah. It’s better than you think. Much better. This was a great little movie. Ellen Page does a great job playing Juno, the witty accidentally pregnant 16 year old.

I’m sure you know the plot, but for a small refresher. Juno, gets pregnant, opps. She’s 16, opps again. She decides to keep the baby but donate it to a wealthy cause, a couple who can’t seem to have one of their own. What ensures is a hilarious few months in the life of a pretty normal teenage girl.

This film has an interesting premise and is beautifully executed. The music throughout the film is next to god awful but works amazingly well for the film itself. The characters are smart, funny, original and spontaneous. They all make you want to know exactly where they live so you can move then and perhaps lighten up your life a bit. The directing is next to ordinary but is completely made up for in the acting department. Ellen Page and Michael Cera are perfect for their respective roles and they have great chemistry together on screen. There is one scene in particular involving music and the two of them that is particularly great. Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner are also great and even better together.

This film dodges cliche and maintains it’s intelligence throughout without seeming self-promoting or pretentious. It’s quite the feat but the final product is a great movie. Maybe the best “comedy-drama” I’ve seen in a long while. The brand of humor is so different and refreshing, you’ll feel like you’re actually watching something new, not just the same old recycled garbage that is being pumped out these days.

I’d strongly recommend this movie. You’ll laugh a lot and probably name your kid Juno.



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