The Savages



For some reason the only one I could find has french subtitles? Sorry.

That song towards the end of the trailer: Rob Crow – Up. In case you were wondering, I was, great song.

Anyway, this movie was awfully sad, but greatly great. So sad, so good. I really liked it a lot. Laura Linney officially is my favorite actress after this movie. She is great and Philip Seymour Hoffman is amazing as always. I’m glad he’s finally getting the parts he deserves.

The Savages focus’ on a family that had fallen apart in the early stages. Hoffman and Linney play a brother and sister  whos mother and father both abandoned them at a young age. They essentially raised themselves and are now in two very different stages in life. They are brought together again by their father’s sudden onset of mental illness. They have not seen their father in years, but he has been diagnosed with dementia and has no one to take care of him. Brother and sister are now placed in the awkward position of taking care of someone who never took care of them. It’s an extremely interesting idea: how do you honestly take care of someone who abandoned you at such a young age? This movie made me think of how much of  bell curve life is. You start young, helpless and you end old, helpless. It’s a sad fact of life but this movie tackles it perfectly to a T. See it. Cry. You may.



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