Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Imdb: http://imdb.com/title/tt0408236/


I actually saw this movie last week, I’ve been packing up some stuff though, thus I have also been slacking. Packing and slacking, ha.

Anyway, I feel it’s important for me to begin by saying I loathe musicals. Typically guy I guess you could say. Just…singing….all the time? during a movie? like….common….really? Something along those lines. Why did I see this movie?

Johnny Depp.

This is obviously the reason many people went to see it, because the damn girls in the seats down the aisle from me kept gasping and talking amongst themselves every time something would happen. OH MY GOD! They’d scream… I knew they obviously had no clue what the movie was about going in. At least do a little research.

I will warn you of two things if you haven’t yet seen the film: 1) There is singing (I know, shocking). 2) Mr. Todd is a DEMON BARBER, he don’t cut your hair, unless you got hairs in a line across your throat (he cuts alot of throats/there is blood).

Sorry to spoil it for you.

All this being said, Sweeney Todd was great. Johnny Depp, (who turned down singing lessons and opted to fly on his awesomeness alone) was great. His subsequent oscar nomination is well deserved. He brings a lot of emotion to the screen and to the character, and Mr. Todd is someone who has quite a lot of that. Benjamin Barker has a good life, he is a respected barber around London, he has a cute little family consisting of his beautiful wife and daughter AND now he has been kicked out of the country so some sleaze bag judge (Alan Rickman) can jump in and snag his wife and kid. Sweeney Todd begins with Barker’s return to London, only this time he is obviously weathered, worn, aged, wears a lot of black, probably listened to the cure a lot, etc etc etc, and he goes by Todd, Sweeney Todd. He dreams of finding his wife and children and resuming his relationship as it was before the Judge booted his ass. The story generally revolves around Depp singing about getting revenge or something along those lines. There is a nice song where he refers solely to his straight razors as friends, that song was fun. Helena Bonham Carter comes into the story as Ms. Lovett, an ugly chick who bakes nasty pies, together they plot revenge on the judge and other things of that nature. I won’t go into much more, this review is already shaping up to be longggggg and the movie is pretty self explanatory, you’ll catch on.

Depp does a wonderful job, H.B. Carter does a great job, and best of all, the music didn’t detract from the film for me at all. I wasn’t constantly thinking, god okay….lets get on with the talking, more talk, less sing. I actually liked the singing. Depp has a few very good songs, and his deep voice does the songs well. He appears to have this angry fire in his eyes throughout the film, something you just can’t teach a person. I had to take a quick bathroom break in the middle, and I was actually pissed off that I was going to miss a couple minutes. That should seal your viewership right there. Burton’s directing is top notch, this is as good (directorially speaking, as Big Fish and Ed Wood, both of which were great. There is one song in particular that the directing was very strong.

See it, at least rent it, maybe that might be more your speed? If you like musicals, or kind of like them, see it in theaters, if you don’t I’d still give it a shot on dvd, I think if nothing else you’ll be impressed.

It’s too bad Daniel Day-Lewis decided to do There Will Be Blood, because if it wasn’t for DD-L, Depp might have the oscar locked up, unfortunately he is developing Peter O’Toole/Martin Scorsese syndrome. We’ll see, anything can happen.



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