The Oscars: A Pre-Action

In the past few weeks I’ve read numerous Oscar previews. Most of them have sucked. I hope this one doesn’t. Too many people are saying the Oscars have lost their appeal because no one has seen the movies nominated. That ain’t Oscars fault. That’s your fault, don’t be a bitch. See the movies.


I’ve been lazy in the last month, I saw There Will Be Blood, The Diving Bell and The Butterfly and No Country for Old Men, for the 5th time. Good stuff. Nuff said. Oh and Michael Clayton, not such good stuff.

Everyone seems to think that the “Who’s going to win v. Who should win” is the best format, I guess it is, but most of the time, “who should win” shouldn’t, it’s just who they like (i.e. Juno).

Best Picture

Who will win and should win – No Country For Old Men

Why? – Because this film is amazing in everyone possible. This film is damn near flawless and the critics who disagree seem to have no real basis for their criticism. That’s always a good sign. This film was a heavy favorite coming in and should take home the gold.

Best Director

Who will and should win – The Coen Brothers

Why? The Directors Guild Awards are held a few weeks before the Oscars every year, USUALLY, not always, but USUALLY the winner of the Directors Guild Awards wins Best Director. This category is tough this year though, Paul Thomas Anderson did a phenomenal job directing There Will Be Blood, and dark horse Julian Schnabel’s The Diving Bell and the Butterfly was one of the most impressive directing feats I’ve seen in recent years.

Best Actor

Who will and should win – Daniel Day-Lewis

Why? – See There Will Be Blood. You’ll know. DDL is one of the best modern actors and one of the top actors all time. DDL’s portrayal of Daniel Plainview is without a doubt the best performance of last year.

Best Actress

Who Will Win – Julie Christie

Who Should Win – Ellen Page

Why? Christie will win because she played into the Oscar formula perfectly. In Away From Her She plays an old woman dying slowly of dementia. Her husband looks on as the love of his life forgets who he is. Happy. Ellen Page could not have done a better job at capturing an audience and playing a pregnant teen at the same time. Juno was a good film, but Ellen Page was better. This is an award she deserves, maybe partially for her chilling role in Hard Candy a couple years back.

Best Supporting Actor

Who Will and should win – Javier Bardem

Why? Bardem plays Anton Chigurh, flawlessly. Anton quickly became one of the best villains in cinematic history. I absolutely love his performance. He is just flat out crazy, but so methodical and tactical. And these all just add up to a flawlessly played villain, and a statue. Quick note: Casey Affleck was great as Robert Ford, he even looks a lot like him…anyone other year….

Best Supporting Actress

Who Will and should win – Ruby Dee

Why? Oscar loves giving awards to older actors nominated for the first time, or who haven’t won before. It’s like a here, this is for your career! In American Gangster she slaps Denzel Washington, how couldn’t you vote for her.

Best Original Screenplay

Diablo Cody has this wrapped up, without question. Juno was an extremely original and endearing film, maybe the most in a couple years. Cody, stripper turned screenwriter, should enjoy this moment as she shoots to stardom.

Best Adapted Screenplay

Who will and should win – No Country For Old Men

Why? – I read the book, amazing book–read it. The Coen’s could not have adapted this screenplay more dead on. Most of the dialog in the movie is lifted word for word from the book. What more do you need from an adapted screenplay?

Best Cinematography

I just wanted to throw this in, because The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford was one of the three best films I saw last year. This film, shot in Canada, is absolutely beautiful. Nuff said.


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