For My Pavement Homies: Rarities

This is for my fellow Pavement lovers.

Upon visitation to Stephen Malkmus’ website and checking out his message boards I came across a beautiful thread, by a beautiful person. Sashwap is his name, and god bless him, god bless him. He was generous enough to post, all in a single RAR file, a 32 song file of Pavement rarities:

Amanda I Forgot (Improv)
Black Walls (8/30/92)
Blue Arrangements (Malkmus solo)
Cadillac Darling (Lakespeed version; doesn’t fit but here it is)
Civilized Satanist
Destroy Mater Dei
Dot Days (from a pre-TT solo Malkmus show)
Federal Dust (live Pavement version, sounds like an improv)
Feed ’em To The Lions (Linden) (acoustic)
Flaming Stones (Fin) 4/17/94 (VERY cool early version of Fin from CR,CR era)
For Sale: The Preston School Of Industry
Hey Hey Song (11-6-95)
Mark E. Smith (circa 95)
Mother Mary (from Stuff up the Cracks)
Neil Haggerty Vs. Jon Spencer In A Blowout!
Newark Wilder (Early) (Max’s Petersham Inn  Sydney Aus 22 May 93 )
Nigel (live 96 or 97)
Perfect Depth (live 94)
Range Life (early, very different live version with Gary Young on drums)
Sebadoh/Helen Stones (aka All My Friends, live 93)
Soiled Little Filly (Live)
Something (Beatles Cover)
Teenage Piss Party
The Polvo Song (BTC-era song, cut off)
Tide To The Oceans (Malk on vocals, from an early Silver Jews cassette)
Tiny Tim (acoustic cover of a Buzzcocks song)
Werewolf Song (early Starlings of the Slipstream circa 92)
West S (Silver Jews song, live)
Who Should I Suspect (early Starlings of the Slipstream circa 92)
Wipe Away (Birds In The Majic Industry with vocal)
You Are A Light (early acoustic)
You Are A Light 2 (early acoustic)

Most of these I’ve heard nothing about.  I can’t contest to the quality or anything like that because I haven’t listened, but the download just finished.

Check out the post, it has the link to rapidshare+some


Thanks again Sashwap.  rarities…yes yes


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