Silver Jews – Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea

Every indie kids favorite jews are back, and, as they say, in a big way? David Berman is well known by now for having ridiculously off kilter, ironic lyrics that are booth soft to the ears yet sharp as an emo razorblade. It’s easy to see why Stephen Malkmus and David Berman got together in the late 80’s, their lyrical stylings are very comparable. But Berman took the Jews where SM never fully committed, country laced indie rock. Some might say the Jews are folk-rock, but I’d consider them about as country-rock as you can get without being country. Naturally Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea is no serious departure from the Jews overall catalog, but that’s not a bad thing, after all–who’s out their doing what David Berman is doing? Not many.

But on to the news: The new Silver Jews album, Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea………..has leaked…and a track by track review of this album will follow in the coming 24 hrs. The track list is as follows:

Silver Jews – Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea

  1. “What Is Not But Could Be If” – 3:08
  2. “Aloysius, Bluegrass Drummer” – 1:54
  3. “Suffering Jukebox” – 4:21
  4. “My Pillow Is The Threshold” – 3:52
  5. “Strange Victory, Strange Defeat” – 2:44
  6. “Open Field” – 2:39
  7. “San Francisco B.C.” – 6:15
  8. “Candy Jail” – 2:30
  9. “Party Barge” – 2:55
  10. “We Could Be Looking For The Same Thing” – 3:35


Until the review comes to fruition, read and re-read this amazing lyric from the 7th track, San Fransisco B.C.

“Romance is the douche of the bourgeoisie”


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