I lied/(The Red Album)

So, I lied about reviewing the Silver Jews album, I GOt a little ways into LIStening to IT and I decided, I didn’t really care enough to review it. Sorry. That might give you a good idea of whats what though.


Weezer’s newest venture into the world has been 8/10th’s of the way leaked onto the interweb. Tracks 1-8 have been leaked and are available on a torrent tracker near you. The final two songs, somehow, were not leaked. Itunes is offering some pre-order deal where you get four other songs or something. Weezer is a band that has forfeited all of it’s, buy without hearing rights. They have put out too much trash following their first two gems. So I’ve been listening to these songs and I can honestly say, they are better than Make Believe, but what isn’t. You have to try to be as bad as that album was.

I hate pitchfork, but they knew the score with that album:



Anyway, The Red Album, it’s sort of out there now. See what you think, buy it if you dig. I may come back here and type out my feelings, I may not.


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