808’s & Heartbreak

808's & Heartbreak

There was a time in the not so distant past that Kanye West was known by MTV to be, ‘the hottest MC in the game.’ Coming from MTV that doesn’t mean much, but I happen to not so much agree with them, as entertain the possibility of agreeing with them. Kanye West is about the best mainstream rap has to offer these days and it’s pretty hard to deny that many of his most popular songs are just catchy as hell. Often times if you listen to the lyrics, behind the egocentric banter is a guy struggling with that very same ego and often times blowing it so out of proportion to show how ridiculous it is in the first place. West doesn’t flaunt to flaunt, even if that’s what it seems like at times.

But none of this matters does it?

West’s new album, 808’s & Heartbreak is set to hit your ears on November 25th. West held a listening party in LA last week and the album was played while 50 nude women models struck different poses and stuff. Supposedly, it was really weird. To say the least. One would assume that concentrating on a rappers newest album would be made incredibly difficult when 50 nude ladies are hanging out in front of you. After the album finished, West himself came out and made a brief statement about the album, saying it was about nakedness, vulnerability and heartbreak. West’s mom died this past year and I am assuming that this is basically a brief overview of his rough last year.

This all being said, 808’s… will feature virtually no rapping and was classified by West himself as a pop album. All of the songs released are sung by West using auto-tune and supposedly the rest of the songs are similarly constructed. Listeners at the party have been quoted with extremely mixed results. Some saying hes lost his mind, while supporters compare the album to that of Radiohead front man Thom Yorke’s solo album, The Eraser. If its as good as The Eraser….oh happy day.

Either way, its not the rapping Kanye of old, my point, when this album drops, listen to it. Ive spent the last week listening to the 4 leaked tracks trying to decide whether the man is a genius or he has simply lost it. We all know the line is so thin, and this time I think Kanye may be straddling that line.


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