Tv on the Radio – Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babies


Tv on the Radio are not new, and niether is this album. They’ve been around long enough to pump out three studio albums and while all three albums have different sounds I wouldn’t say they are all great. Dear Science, their newest LP dropped a couple of weeks ago and is recieving good reviews though I didnt find it anywhere near as good as this album. So, in short, if you haven’t heart Desperate Youth… than do so. Its a great mix of ‘indie’ rock with a large array of instruments. The songs are all layered and complex and all strive to help build an awesome sonic atmosphere. Yet, during each song you’ll ask yourself, why does this sound so simple, stripped down, bare? Good question. Keep listening, maybe you’ll find out.

*I plan to do a smallish thread alerting the world to some up coming albums in the near future. Look for it*


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