Stephen Malkmus + The Jicks NEW ALBUM!?


Yup, that’s right, already.

Yesterday, via phone, and through a snowstorm strong enough to make Alaskans cold Stephen Malkmus confirmed to SPIN magazine that The Jicks are planning to head into the studio in June of 09 with hopes of releasing the record later that year.

Quick release from the Malk man, I’m so pumped, Im chest deep in finals, but smiling bright. It’s on its way folks. It’s on its way.

Read the whole spin article here. And rejoice. It also ends with the inevitable Pavement reunion talk where SM says probably the nicest thing about the band he’s said in the last year. Enjoy

Article:  SPIN Article Jicks New Album


3 thoughts on “Stephen Malkmus + The Jicks NEW ALBUM!?

  1. I bet you a drive to Baby Foot Lake that this is SM & the Jicks most pavementy album. & a Dbros coffee that a second person sings.

    1. Brooks,

      it’s possible, though I will take the bet. Live recordings of SM playing shows in the fall of 08 suggest a venture similar to R.E.T. This will be maybe almost a R.E.T. part 2..I won’t go that far…but maybe…

  2. Ha. I was just coming on here to correct myself hoping you forgot about this, cause I realized Wicked Wanda has some babe singing. & was too thinking it’ll be more like RET. To me the difference in that album is SM matured & not just a style thing. So yeh I don’t see him aging backwards either.

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