Noise Pop

Naw dogs, I ain’t talking bout the festival (though Stephen Malkmus will appear there this year). I’m talking about noisy pop music. Think early Pavement, like Slanted and Enchanted sort of stuff, or Guided By Voices, or some Sonic Youth even. The melody is buried, but finding it might just be the best thing that ever happened to you. 

Well sons and daughters, two bands have been creating music that is verrrryyy reminiscent of Pavement’s early work. Whether they listened to Pavement as children is irrelevant because what we have here is some genuine and interesting people creating sounds that others just aren’t. It’s fresh. I will say it–again, it’s just fresh. Will you like it? Who knows, probably not, but that’s not the point. It’s fresh. Every indie band in the world can kick out a jam these days and indie kids (including myself) will just eat it up. It takes balls, punk roots and a cassette recorder/player to accomplish what these two bands have accomplished. 

The first band I’ll break my silence to discuss is No Age.  Their newest album is called Nouns. It looks like this:


No Age is a tough band to explain. They haven’t been around forever, but they have. They know their roots (80’s punk) and they respect while taking it in a completely different direction. No Age is a band that knows what they are and what they want. They do their thing and are perfect at it. There is so much buried beneath the “noise” and it is easily dismissed. But give their newest LP, Nouns, a listen or 5 and just take it in Especially if you’re having a rotten day. This will carry you through. 

Similar to Pavements earliest work, No Age is a band that experiments with noise, distortion, feedback etc. While this is nothing new, especially in indie rock, it actually is completely new. I can’t explain it better so check out the album, or just the song below, if it intrigues you, figure it out and get the LP, or get the LP and then figure it out. 

This is the video for their song The Eraser from their newest LP titled – Nouns



The second band/artist is Wavves. Yes that is WA-V-V-ES. AND for a bit of confusion, his debut album is called…Wavves…yeah..and his newest album, which I will be refering too is titled Wavvves…yeah…WA-V-V-V-ES. Perfect. It looks like this…


Wavves is the brain-child of a 22 year old San Diago, California resident with a lot to lose and so much more to gain. Wavves is a noise pop band that will probably be owning your ear drums, or at least you internet blog space, for years to come. Ingenius, is really the word to describe his work. His music was originally captured on cassette tapes and distributed around. The music is just ridiculous. Pitchfork knows it (, ABC news knows it, courtesy of Pitchfork… ( and I sure know it. I haven’t heard anything that was quite this interesting in a long while. I’m going to post a couple videos. The first is a video of the song So Bored, and I’m not sure if its a fan made video or what…but damn, it’s weird. The quality is a little sub par, but its noisy music anyway, don’t expect much. The second video isn’t a real video but rather a youtube box that will play some audio for a little over 2 minutes with a black box in the background. This “video” is for the song Gun In The Sun and somehow is actually also terrible quality. The lyrics in that song are particularly awesome, “I’m just a guy with nothing to do, I’m just a guy with something to say” croons lead singer Nathan Williams over noisy distorted guitar, a simple drum beat and some girl singing….uh….something….?

Wavves – So Bored (from the new LP Wavvves out March 17th) 

Wavves – Gun In The Sun (from the new LP Wavvves out March 17th)


Seriously yo, if you dig this at all, find some high quality versions, and buy this music!


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