Cudi + Album Review

Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi

This is a pretty sick picture of Kid Cudi performing in July of this year. His album drops tomorrow. One of my most anticipated releases of this year since the ridiculously catchy tune, Day N Nite hit my drums last summer.

Update: Now with album review:

Kid Cudi’s mixtape, A Kid Named Cudi, promised something. That something might have been a tad to high. Usually I listen to the album Im reviewing while I type up the review, it just gets me in the mood, but today Im listening to the mixtape instead. That’s not a terrible sign, but it’s not such a good one.

So why wasn’t Man on the Moon: The End of Day as good as it could have been? Honestly, for the most part, the lyrics are very lackluster. Often times what happens is an artist will have a couple of songs on the record that are so…on. Cudi Zone, Soundtrack 2 My Life, Pursuit of Happiness, Up, Up & Away and Simple As… are great tracks, as is Sky Might Fall. You can throw Day N Nite in the mix, and get 7 great tracks. And the problem could easily be that these songs are so much better than the rest of the album, that they create a huge imbalance. But 7 out of 15, is still 7 out of 15.

Songs like: Make Her Say, My World, Enter Galactic, and Solo Dolo are undercut not only by lack luster lyrics, but the production is also borderline horrible. The slower songs drag along in an uninspired drone and can be downright laborious. Enter Galactic sounds more like a trashy joke than a song.  Especially when contrasted to the fabulous Kanye produced track, Sky Might Fall, and the Ratatat jam, Pursuit of Happiness.

The tracks that are good, are great and I still listen to them loud in my car with the windows down when its sunny. They promise that if Cudi continues to refine his lyrics he may blow Kanye away at his own game. Hope is by no means lost. There will be another Cudi album, and I would venture to guess that it will be better. Until then I’ve got to call it like I see it.



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