Animal Collective – Bleeding (Live)


Animal Collective have released the Brothersport 10 inch single now, and the b-side is a new track they’ve been playing on tour this year called Bleeding. The version on the single is about 10 minutes long. It was recorded at Big Sur earlier this year. The track is sprawling and melodic before it then spreads into an interlude that, Avey Tare said, supposedly leads into another new track, What Would I Want? Sky. But it appears to be only the beginning portions of that unreleased track. What Would I Want? Sky, rose to prominence earlier this year when it became the first song to legally licence a Grateful Dead sample.

Both of these tracks are set to be released on Animal Collectives up and coming ep, Fall Be Kind, which is out December 15th physically and November 23rd digitally. So keep your ear out for that.

Until then take a stroll to the hype machine via the link below, and listen to the track, Bleeding (Live)


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