No Age – Brain Burner – Live

I should totally be asleep, but instead I’m studying for french, and listening to No Age. So why shouldn’t you do the same? Maybe not the french part.

One of my favorite No Age tracks is Brain Burner, the last track of their most recent full length album, Nouns. It’s a sub two minute adrenaline driven romp through punk-rock and it is unbelievably simple, and even more catchy. Below is a live version of said track. The vocals are hard to hear, but the energy is unmistakable. No Age, would completely tear your house apart, and this proves it.

And in case you actually wanted to “hear” the song, here’s the studio version. The quality isn’t THAT much better..

My other favorite track from Nouns is Teen Creeps, and below is the studio version of that song as well..

If you haven’t heard Nouns in its entirety, change that right now, it’s almost the weekend, you’ve got time. If you point your browser to subpop, the bands label you can snag a copy for a meager 12 dollars. Do it. Click the album art below to surf to sub pop and pick yourself up a (relatively cheap) piece of punk rock awesomeness.


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