Panda Bear talks new solo record

I take one Monday off from blogging, and in the last 48 hours we’ve had two new pieces of Animal Collective information hit the nets.

The first and most exciting order of business is an interview Panda Bear did with recently where he talks about his new solo effort. There is a little detail here and there about what he is planning, but nothing concrete. All the interview really gets across is that it will be different from 2007’s Person Pitch. This is kind of disappointing because Person Pitch was so good but at the same time that is what makes Panda Bear and Animal Collective so good, they refuse to repeat. Whatever Panda Bear is planning, it sounds amazing. There is  no speculated release date as of yet and the album is still in production as of now. Here is an excerpt that focus’ on the new album:

PED TV What do you see as the main difference between what you’re writing now and Person Pitch?

PB: The tone is a lot darker and it sounds sort of dramatic or romantic to me. But I’m in still in the thick of the thing so it’s really tough to be objective at this point. So I have no idea, but hopefully people like it. I hope its good.

PED TV: How’s that sounding? I know that you’ve mentioned being tired of the sample based stuff and the need to change your song writing process and sound by incorporating different instruments…

PB: Yeah, it’s going pretty good. It’s been a long process. I’ve thought about it for a long time while we were doing the Merriweather stuff, so I had a long gestation process in my mind but only really started cracking on it in September. It’s kind of scary doing something totally different, like I’ve been working in a sampler zone for five or six years now. It definitely feels like a new zone, its scary but also exciting as well.

PED TV: I guess it’s liberating because you’re forced to approach it differently, what sort of sounds and instruments are you exploring?

PB: The rhythms are really basic and kind of raw and simple and are electronic. It’s not live instrumentation, I’ve been playing guitar but I feed it through the same thing that the sequences are on. It’s a very electronic sound and very voice heavy. A simple arrangement of drums, the guitar and singing. Really there are only two or three elements to every song. It’s pretty raw sounding for better for worse.”

Panda Bear goes on to discuss the next Animal Collective record, and how living in Portugal is. All in all it’s a great interview and to read it in its entirety click here: Interview


The second piece of info is that Pitchfork has given one of the tracks from Animal Collective’s upcoming ep, Fall Be Kind, a best new track nod and a 10 out of 10. The track graced with such a rating is, What Would I Want? Sky. This track is already quite famous because it is the first time a Grateful Dead sample has been legally used. The song is flat out amazing, and if you haven’t heard it do yourself a favor and point your browser to pitchfork to listen to the studio track, or click here: What Would I Want? Sky

If you dig the track, head to I Guess I’m Floating to download the version Animal Collective recorded in Janurary 2009 at the BBC. There is also an excellent version of Lion In A Coma, I’d recommend snagging both. To listen to/download these tracks, head here: I Guess I’m Floating


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