Phoenix – 1901 – A Take Away Show

Ok, so Phoenix is a pretty awesome ‘art’ rock band from France. If you don’t know that, figure it out. Their albums, 2006’s It’s Never Been Like That, and this year’s Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix are both phenomenal to say the least. These french gentlemen understand how to write a hook better than most people. When people ask me why I don’t particularly care for Vampire Weekend, I always say I’d just rather listen to Phoenix. If you haven’t heard these two albums, seriously, change that. They’ll have you singing past new years.

All opinions aside, Phoenix just posted a bunch of videos of them playing (mostly )acoustically in random places around Paris, and you know what? These videos are pretty freakin awesome. They bring such a great energy with them where ever they go. You just want to bob your head and sing along. I especially like the one of “1901” but they are all really great. Check them out below.


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