Album Reviews

Hey all,

I’ve decided to add a new feature to the site, an Album Reviews section. It’s a totally separate page from the main drag and will essentially consist of albums I dig with a blurb and rating. The best part is the album can be from any-time frame, allowing me to review some really great stuff that came out before I started my blog. This will help give readers a sort of context for how I feel about “older” releases and potentially an opportunity for readers to weigh in their opinions as well.

The Album Reviews page can be found in the toolbar on the left hand side of the page.

I posted this message (semi-redundant to what I typed above) in that section.

“This is a new section of the site that I am hoping to update on a weekly(ish) basis of albums that I truly love from throughout music history. Throughout the first couple weeks there might be a barge of stuff added. It’s a way for me to share some albums I feel are truly great that were released before this blog came to fruition. I’ll try to post the album art and a little blurb about each album as well as my overall rating out of 5.0. Check back soon for updates!”

Hopefully I can stick to this sort of deadline. It should be pretty cool so check back.

The static link to get to the album reviews is pretty simple, its just


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