See two new Panda Bear songs! NOW! hear many more!

OMG, the day is a good one, videos have surfaced on youtube of Panda Bear playing two new songs and Animal Collective’s Daily Routine. These videos (posted below) are from a show in Belgium.

In MORE exciting news, the site (currently not loading in my browser):  is reporting that a show in Germany consisted of ONLY new material save Animal Collective’s Daily Routine. The site went on to post an mp3 of that set! It is available, here.  The songs sound like nothing you wouldn’t expect from the mastermind that is Panda Bear. Many will most likely pop up on his next solo effort. The album is reportedly rumored to be called, Tomboy and should be out sometime this year I’d expect. Who knows how far along these versions are in terms of what they might sound like, but for what they’re worth, here they are below:

And here’s the video of him performing Daily Routine at the same show.

Enjoy and merry monday.


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